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Our history

Hospitality and love for the local area since 1978

Everything started in 1978, when brothers Angelo and Lino Panizza – who entered the hotelier world in the 1960s managing the small “Eldorado” residence – started work on building the Hotel Adamello themselves, helped by friends and family.

So in 1981 Angelo, Lino and mamma Eulalia (family cook) started managing their hotel, even if only with the first part of the project (ground and first floors only), acquiring 2-star category.

Since then, after lots of work and many sacrifices, working when the hotel was closed to complete the construction and extend it even more.

The real breakthrough came about in 2001, when Betty, Angelo’s oldest daughter, met Michele. Both graduates, young and with lots of passion, they soon decided to follow that dream and continue with some important redevelopment works – which are still ongoing – and taking the hotel to the 3-star category.

The rest is a gift, a “present” still to be written, with the help of the new arrivals Azzurra (2006), Marcus (2009) and Gioele (2012) and their childhood dreams.

Our philosophy

We believe that modern life, with its frenzied times and rhythms, leaves little time to take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing, to keep in shape and to spend “quality time” with our families.

Which is why we are promoting what we call a “Family Active” holiday, made up of nature, sport, culture and discovery, all to be shared in the family, together with your kids, who are not seen as a weightto be fobbed off on someone else, but as fundamental protagonists of the experience.

And this is why we have decided not to offer entertainment of mini clubs in our hotel, preferring to recommend – from personal experience – the many things to do both in summer and winter in the local area, together with your kids. This is our “memories factory”.

Contact us without obligation for information on what to do for fun and personalised advice!


A conferma delle prenotazioni viene richiesta una caparra confirmatoria fissata in percentuale con il 30% del totale della prenotazione ed arrotondando al centinaio di Euro più prossimo.  

In caso di annullamento del soggiorno, per causa non imputabile all’Hotel, il Cliente sarà comunque tenuto a corrispondere le seguenti somme:

  • Annullamento prima di 30 giorni dall’arrivo:
    la caparra verrà restituita.
  • Annullamento da 29 a 1 giorno dall’arrivo:
    la caparra verrà trattenuta a titolo di indennizzo; se la camera venisse rivenduta ad altro cliente, la caparra potrebbe essere restituita.
  • Partenza anticipata:
    la regola generale prevede un addebito di almeno il 50% del costo delle notti mancanti al termine del soggiorno previsto, come da prenotazione originale.


  • check-in: dalle h 15,00 alle h 24,00; per orari differenti contattare l’hotel per accordarsi
  • check-out: entro le h. 10,00
  • pulizie: giornaliere
  • cambio biancheria letto: settimanale, salvo necessità
  • cambio biancheria bagno: ogni 2 giorni salvo necessità
  • orario colazione: h. 7,45 – 9,30
  • orario cena: estate: arrivo in sala nell’intervallo h 19,30 – 20,30; inverno h. 19,00 – 20,00

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