Family, nature, sport, culture and discovery ... this is resume of our "Active Family Holiday" concept ...


Modern life, with its fast rhythm, competition, stress, leaves too little time to take care of the self well-beeing and enjoy the family life. That's why your holiday at Family hotel Adamello becomes the perfect occasion to rebalance body and spirit thanks to: healthy life, good air, encontaminated environment assured by three natural parks around our resort. All this i saccompained by our delicious food, lovely cooked according to the local tradition, revised with the modern cooking guidelines, with attention for high quality ingredients and correct calories count.

Arising from the way our family organizes his holidays, we decided to set our "Family hotel" at same way: active holidays, surrounede by the mountain nature, some sport, some adventure, some discovers and some culture.
Entertainment?? Up to us is not needed, better a mini-club service ... the “FROGGY” Mini-Club!!

Moreover, both summer and winter time, mountain can offer a lot of leisure ideas and occasions; Betty and Mike will be pleased to advice you all and help to get the maximum from your holiday, making it a real experience of the mountain life.

They can suggest you activities you can practice on your own, but also some particular "Active" program expecially thought for our guests ... discover beauty of our land and all sport possibilities!!
During summer season, for those who cannot renounce to some entertainment, we can offer the entertainment program organized by the Hotelier Association; it's a weekly program providing trekking, mtb, clambing, cultural visits and guided tours.

To favour discover of our territories, during summer season we also offer a special mobility&services card called "Valdisole Opportunity" (at a cost of Euro 1,00 per day, per adult), offering several opportunities: free access to all lift in the whole Val di Sole area, entry to all museums, public transportation, discounted rate on most of the sports reantals. ecc. ecc.

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