Hotel Adamello started to be built in 1978 by two brothers, Angelo e Lino Panizza, already owners since end of 60's of a small pension called "Eldorado", located in center of Passo Tonale. They personally joined the constructiong works, together with some relatives and friends.

According to the city plan the hotel had to be a nine floors tower, but Angelo and Lino decided to reduce the impact of their hotel, realizing reception, bar, dining room and kitchen at the ground floor, two floors of rooms at the upper levels and 3 more floors at the lower storeys, facing on the valley, beeing the hotel constructed on the side of the mountain.

After three years of personal hard work, in 1981 the first part of the project is completed (ground floor and first floor); hotel Adamello gets the two stars official rating and Angelo, Lino and their mother Eulalia start the business.

Years pass by, the two brothers get older, costs of the project grow up, but little by little Angelo and Lino go on with the realisation, always assuring their personal work during the closing months, but they only partially complete their project. They succeed to ultimate first and second floor below the dining room, even if in a basic cheap way.

In the meanwhile, Elisabetta "Betty", the Angelo's eldest daughter, mets Michele "Mike", they both graduated and decided to live together. In 2001 Betty and Mike decided taking over hotel Adamello and start the new adventure of renovate and relaunch the hotel.

So the second generation at Hotel Adamello gets started!! After first winter as a text, Betty and Mike, decide to start renovation and upgrade of the hotel. First very expensive step was replacement of all systems and a brand new layout of the ground floor, upgrading the hotel to three stars category. Next years saw Betty and Mike proceed with other refurbishings and realization of the new floor of rooms TIROLIA at the lower storey.

With arrival of their eldest daughter Azzurra (2006) and then Marcus (2009) and Gioele (2012), family grows and Adamello aims to "Family Hotel" path, with some new childhood dream ready to become project ... the best is yet to come!

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