In 2010 hotel Adamello obtains the european ECOLABEL certification, which unlikely will be left in 2013 due to the excess of burocracy required to maintain it.

Anyway, Betty and Mike remain firm ecologists and environment defenders, so all good practices and methods stated in the Ecolabel disciplinary are not abandoned. The Family Hotel Adamello still maintains its "eco-friendly" policy applying following ecological behaviours:

  • implementation of a plan meant to reduce all kind of wastes, trying to adopt as hard as we can a recycling policy through separation of all wastes
  • new contract with a "green" certifyed supplyer of electrical power (Dolomiti Edison - Trenta S.p.a.)
  • choice of the "district heating system" supplied by the local "eco-certifyed" supplier; this way we do not have an inside heating plan, but we get hot water and heating from this eco-friendly system (Tonale S.r.l.)
  • water saving behaviour, actions and technologies
  • most of our lights use now led lamps or eco-save bulbs
  • most of our detergents are eco-certified
  • we have outsourced our laundry to an "Ecolabel" certified company, except the towels treatment, since we prefer to deal directly this item to assure cleanliness, eco-respect and a nice scent
  • all our suppliers are local companies within 70km, to reduce impact of goods delivery (food and not-food)

In the next future we would like to go back to Ecolabel certification to officially state our eco-friendly behaviour.

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