Family, nature, sport, culture and discovery...

this is resume of our concept of "family active" holiday.


Modern life, its crazy rhythms, competition, stress of focusing on adults' work and children studing & activities, doesn't allow to most of the families to share quality relaxing moment, having fun/sport/activity together or simply spending some time all together.

Inspired by our way of managing our family holidays, we decided to propose same kind of approach also to our guests: active holidays lost in nature, along with some sport, adventure, discovery and culture.

Entertainment? Up to us is NOT needed, sometimes could be useful a mini-club … the "FROGGY" Mini-Club!!

During the SUMMER season laboratories, easy trekking, guided tours to accompain kids to discover beautiful nature of our mountains.

During the WINTER season we only offer this service for Christmas and New Year weeks, when some of the families we host are non skiers; the rest of the winter winter sports give to all the family possibility to enjoy and stay together, so it is not needed.

The Froggy mini-club offers games and activities for the smaller once who cannot ski the whole day, leaving this way more time to parents (and big brothers) to enjoy winter sports and nature.



For those who cannot renounce to an animation services, we offer the entertainment organized by our resort animation team:

during SUMMER season there is an interesting program of excursions, trekkings, sport sessions, guided visit and tours discovering our mountains.
In WINTER in the afternoon and evening there are some activities for kids.

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